Genesis Immortals

What are Genesis Immortals?

Skyborne Genesis Immortals are the Skyborne franchises' first and most elite group of heroes.
Skyborne Genesis Immortals
Genesis Immortals are a collection of 9,999 NFT heroes on L1 Ethereum. There are 6 1 of 1 characters in the collection who are the most rare and have been granted the 'Mythic' rarity.
With the exception of Mythic rarity heroes, there are 4 races of hero in this collection:
  • Dragonkin
  • Emberling
  • Human
  • Elf
Players can send their heroes out on quests to earn rewards and resources which are intended to be interoperable between games in the Skyborne ecosystem. Genesis Immortals can also be used as an NFT profile picture on Twitter.
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Hero Traits

An NFT trait refers to a specific attribute of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) representing a hero character in a game, digital collectible etc. Skyborne Genesis has NFT hero characters called Immortals and their traits represent various features that define them such as how they visually look and things like their combat class or their level of experience (rank) within that class. The heroes traits are stored as metadata on the NFT itself and those traits are utilized in the Skyborne Genesis game.
See the information sections below to read more about hero traits: