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Resources will mainly be used for quest costs in the Prologue season. In a later release, there will be a lot more resources spread across several tiers and rarities and these resources will be used for crafting items or spending/exchanging in the store.

Players who engage in Skyborne Genesis Prologue season will be able to accumulate resources and get a head start on quests as they will already have some of the resources required to start quests or craft items.

The Prologue resources, their icons and descriptions can be found below:


Ferrous Ore

Ferrous ore is extracted from the depths of the earth, containing valuable metals waiting to be harnessed. This vital resource serves as the foundation for crafting formidable weapons, durable armor, and valuable trinkets, making it a multi-purpose asset for skilled blacksmiths and jewelers throughout Wyvernia.


Sacred and resilient, Heartwood is obtained from the core of ancient and majestic trees that have stood the test of time. This rare and prized resource possesses exceptional durability and unique magical properties, making it a favored material for crafting high tier bows, staves, and other enchanted weaponry.


Starberries are a celestial delicacy that graces the world of Wyvernia. These star-shaped berries, adorned in yellow brilliance with contrasting black pips, dangle gracefully from trees. Supported by their enchanting green-blue stems, Starberries are a captivating blend of nature's artistry and cosmic magic. Adventurers harvest these wondrous fruits to harness their energies for crafting and enchanting.

Fattle Hide

Luxurious material shed naturally from Fattle as they grow. Prized for its softness and elegance, Fattle Hide is used in crafting high-end attire and ceremonial robes across Wyvernia. The hides are treasured for their luxurious texture and intricate patterns.


Enchanted sediment from the mystical borderlands, where the Karosian desert's essence intertwines with Elysia's ancient earth. Sandstone shimmers with a subtle iridescence, sought by artisans to infuse magical resonance into their creations.

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