World Map

Map ComponentDescription

World Map Information Button

Contains information related to quests and navigating on the world map.

Account Button

Directs to the account management page where players can manage the heroes in their wallet and access game settings.


This is the name of the region which has been highlighted on the world map of Wyvernia.

# of Quest Pins

This represents the number of quest pins available in that region. Each quest pin can contain multiple quests.

Heroes Button

Players can view and manage their hero roster by clicking on the Heroes button.

Backpack Button

Players can view and manage their inventory items by clicking on the Backpack button.

Quests Button

Players can see all of their in-progress and completed quests by clicking on the Quests button. To see available quests, players need to click the region's individual quest pins.

Daevourus' Shroud

The dark dragon Daevourus' has shrouded Wyvernia under a cloud of corruption.

World Map

Skyborne Genesis is set within the world of Wyvernia. The games prologue period and first season both take place in the region of Elysia where the heroes of Wyvernia have been pushed back by the dark dragon Daevourus' and his forces.

Elysia is a stretch of beauty shaped by the ages, a prismatic confluence of life and culture, and home to the all but official capital of Wyvernia. It is a breathtaking region that emanates with radiant energy, where the very air seems to shimmer with luminosity.

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