🔢Step by Step Guide

We're here to walk you through getting set up in Skyborne Genesis. Below, you will find both a video and image walkthrough for each step.

Navigate to the Skyborne Genesis website using the link below to get started:

Video Walkthrough

Image Walkthrough

You will need to connect a wallet. Click Connect Wallet to bring up wallet select:

If you have a wallet, select the wallet that you use. If you do not have a wallet, follow the steps to create one by selecting I don't have a wallet or by following the steps here.

This guide will assume you have a MetaMask wallet:

After selecting to connect your wallet, you will need to approve multiple MetaMask popups that will likely appear in the top right of your browser window.

Once your wallet is connected, you will see two loading popups appear on screen as we prepare the game world:

The next step is to Register Wallet. This is different than connecting your wallet, this step involves creating a delegate wallet.

Creating a delegate wallet allows you to play Skyborne Genesis with zero popups and gas fees! You will need to approve another MetaMask popup in order to create your delegate wallet.

To read more about our delegate wallet technology see Delegate Device Wallet.

Having connected your wallet and created a delegate wallet, you are now ready to play. Click Play Game to jump into Skyborne Genesis:

Read more about how to activate your heroes and get familiar with the game at the links below:

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