Nexian Gem & Genesis Immortals Mint

Technical feats of the Nexian Gem & Genesis Immortals mint

SeaDrop & Token standard

Smart contracts were built on top of OpenSeaโ€™s Seadrop token contracts, which in turn is based on the efficient ERC721A standard made popular by Azuki.

Tamper-proofing token metadata

A provenance hash of all token metadata was written to each smart contract prior to start of mint. This is the gold-standard tamper proof method of ensuring token traits and ordering remains unchanged between mint and reveal.

Random offset token IDs

Using an on-chain verifiable random number generated by Chainlink, the token start index will be randomly generated prior to reveal - the ultimate method of ensuring fair token ID allocation at reveal time.

Novel 1-to-3 multi-token mint

3x Genesis Immortal mints were triggered from the Nexian Gem smart contractโ€™s mint function eliminating the need for snapshots and off-chain Genesis Immortals distribution steps.

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