Skyborne Genesis
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Sample Quest
Quest Component
Narrative Title
These are the titles for each quest.
Narrative Description
These are the descriptions for each quest where we include more detailed storytelling.
This is the area within the region where the quest pin is located.
Quests have varied durations in minutes, hours, days.
Hero Slots
Each quest supports up to 3 hero slots.
Hero Traits
Each hero slot supports up to 3 traits.
# of Reward
The number of a specific reward the player could receive if successful.
Each quest has four potential rewards. Each reward has it’s own min and max percentage chance. Matching traits increases the success chance of each reward.
Rewards % Chance
The percentage chance the player has to earn a specific reward.
Some quests will have costs. The player will need to have those resources in order to pay the quest cost to start the quest.