Our Tech

With Genesis, we set out to build a world where players truly own their assets and can interact with an ecosystem that is predominantly on-chain, trustless and secure.

We leverage various unique technology pieces to enable frictionless interaction with the underlying blockchain. Key concepts & components are:

L1 for Ownership, L2 for Gaming

In keeping with web3's promise of true trustless ownership, we have developed a system that enables you to use your L1 (Ethereum) assets within our gaming ecosystem on L2 (Arbitrum Nova).

To avoid the security caveats and the clunky UX of bridging, we've taken an approach where your Immortals remain on L1 and never leave your wallet.

Mirroring L1 & L2

When you activate your Hero reserves (aka lock), an equivalent Hero is made available on L2 where it is available for gameplay. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Activating and deactivating takes place on L1 (Ethereum).

  • A minimum of 6 block confirmations (~90 seconds) are required for a valid lock/unlock.

  • This process requires an ETH gas fee.

  • When you activate/lock an Immortal you will not be able to trade it on OpenSea and will need to be deactivated/unlocked first.

Delegate Device Wallet

Once you authenticate with your wallet, our game will create a secure device-specific "Delegate" wallet behind the scenes. On first use, you'll be required to register this wallet on L2. This is a gas-less transaction via the delegated device wallet (all you need to do is sign a message) where we register & allow this wallet to conduct certain gameplay actions on your behalf.

This is the unique technology that enables a popup-less and gas-less experience for questing!

Gas Sponsorship

That's right! We sponsor gas for delegate device wallet registration as well as quest start and end transactions. However, you will have to cover gas for activating and deactivating your Immortals.

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