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Hero Roster

Hero Roster
Hero Roster Component
This is the name of the hero. Some heroes have special names.
This is the species of the hero whether it be Dragonkin, Emberling, Elf, Human, Gnome, or Dwarf.
Hero ID
This is the NFT ID of the hero.
This is the description of the hero. The description usually describes the species of the hero in more depth but some heroes have special descriptions to discover.
Hero Image
This is the heroes visual identity and appearance. See Visual Traits for more information.
Hero Traits
Traits are one of the most important part of your heroes and gives you an idea of what type of quests they would be most suitable for. See Gameplay Traits for more information.
Filter by Species
The tabs on the hero roster allow you to filter your heroes by species so you can choose to only see your Dragonkin, for example.
Traits Preview
This section on your hero card gives a preview of it's traits. Hover over the traits preview to expand the preview and see the rest of the heroes traits.
Selected Hero
The hero that you currently have selected will have a border highlight state around it.